About us

Children and the elderly are similar in part because they are in the most vulnerable segment of our society and they are in need of constant care and supervision.

We, at Seniorcitizenatlife, are a team of qualified geriatric care and supportive care professionals, who are here to make a difference in the lives of our elderly.

If you have elderly people in your family, and that is most likely, you probably have been or are confused about how to care for them, how to keep a balance between your family life and the life of your parents.

We have seen people have a go at it, who have been torn between siblings about caring for aging parents, and failed at so many levels. But what is important is that they are trying! And they will keep on trying as long as it is about family.

Enough about people struggling with aging parents.

Our greatest desire is to give something back to those who have done so much for us. Senior Citizen at Life regularly gives you new tips and information on how to get our seniors back into a more active and beautiful life.

Author bio

Evelyn Hall is a former nurse and geriatric care manager, who now spends her time fighting for elderly rights and care. While she believes the awareness for better care of senior citizens is still less than what is required, she voices her opinions and guides to help the elderly regularly across blogs and websites.

During her time as a nurse, she encountered the problems faced by elderly people and their families, arising mainly due to scarcity of knowledge about geriatric care. Seeing a lot of families struggling over the care of people with dementia and other diseases that come with age, she has since tried to raise awareness among people about the same.

Evelyn is attached to multiple senior care homes across the US, with organizing regular workshops and awareness campaigns on how to better care for senior people.