games for elderly with dementia

How To Make More Games For Elderly With Dementia

There are a lot of elderly people who are living with dementia and some other severe diseases can be the most frustrating things. Eventually, they need to go for the games for elderly with dementia. Stimulating activities will surely assist to keep them in high spirits and prevent them from developing depression, whilst lessening anxiety and irritability.

Top 5 fun and exciting games for elderly with dementia

When the elderly people are living with dementia, they need to go for some of the amazing and fun activities to stay active and be happy.

games for elderly with dementia

Exercise and physical activity

Amongst all fun activities for seniors with dementia, physical activity and exercise will surely have lots of advantages. This assists in regulating the sleep and also stops the sleeplessness and restlessness as well. A casual walk in the evening has the ultimate power of reducing stress. This will also assist in maintaining a positive mood and lower the risk of them developing depression.

Physical activities may include:

  • Walking around the neighbourhood or a local park
  • Considering the fitness and age, one can also try tandem biking too
  • Depending on their age and physical ability, they can also go for some of the water sports activities, which will give them a bundle of happiness
  • Fishing

Reminisce about their life

When it comes to the games for elderly with dementia, you will have to make sure that you ask to know the Reminisce about their life. The long term memory remains quite stronger for the longer in people who are now living with the disease like dementia. This will be a really wonderful task to just engage your loved one in fun and interesting activities about their lives. Eventually, this is also a great chance to learn more about lives.

Some ideas include:

  • Ask them about their lives
  • Check out the photo album together
  • Watch family videos together
  • Ask them about their favourite memories around the particular topic, such as their favourite holiday or oldest friend

Do some activities

The elderly people with dementia should engage themselves in some of the fun activities. The games for people with dementia would be amazing assistance. Some of them love drawing and making arts and crafts so try to make them engrossed in those kinds of activities as well. Doing some of their favourite hobbies and interests can be a great way to engage them in stimulating activities. This is always absolutely beneficial to ask your loved one what they might like to do first so that you will be able to ensure the fun and interesting activities are really tailored to them. One way of doing this is by asking them to show you their favourite hobby.

There are various elderly people out there who are living with dementia always opt for the games for people with dementia. Eventually, they would help to engage themselves in fun activities and that would help them to reduce stress and anxiety. As a matter of fact, it makes them stay happy as well.

Animal therapy

There are games for elderly with dementia available but apart from the games, you also need to know about some therapies like animal therapy. If your loved one is a massive animal lover but doesn’t have a pet, animal therapy could be an excellent way of delivering stimulation. Pets have been shown to relieve stress as well as symptoms of anxiety and depression whilst also offering the sensory experience for your loved one. There are some other advantages too. Pet therapy will surely assist their lower blood pressure and heart rate. It has the ability to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, and boost levels of the feel-good hormone, serotonin.

Why not consider the following?

  • Invite a family member or a friend over who has a well-behaved pet
  • You can also take your parents to visit a local animal shelter or a local farm to see the small animals. This can be one of the best games for elderly with dementia.
  • Try to research local animal therapy organizations

Explore the surroundings

Due to the hectic and tight schedule, people actually do not get much time in exploring the surroundings and that is why they simply opt for the most excellent way to go all around. There are lots of games for elderly with dementia available but when it comes to choosing the most excellent and interesting activity, try to make sure that you ask your elderly ones to explore nature and their surroundings. You can also arrange for an outdoor competition but obviously considering the age and fitness as well.

Exploring nature is one of the ideal places to get some fresh air and see new things. There are ample amount of stimulating activities that you and your loved one can do. This can be particularly good if your loved one has a green thumb or a love for wildlife. You can also do gardening together or visit the local botanical garden. Walking into nature would help them to stay fit and active. It also reduces unwanted stress and helps to stay active and fit.

Finding some of the games for elderly with dementia and interesting activities to do with your loved one each and every day can be exhausting. Fortunately, everyday tasks can deliver you the stimulation throughout the day. Not only does this permit you to get jobs done but it can also make your loved one feel productive and give them a sense of purpose. You can ask the elderly people about their passion and then execute this too.

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