indoor activities for seniors

Indoor Activities For Seniors Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 8 Tips

Indoor activities for seniors – 8 great Tips

Loss of mobility from conditions that include acute arthritis is common among elders. They can’t pursue the activities they once enjoyed. It’s the same for seniors who live in assisted home care facilities as they don’t have scopes of venturing outside. Such elders must enjoy and stay engaged to stay sharp. There are several indoor activities for seniors that promote well-being.

Social activities for the elderly also help prevent depression-associated problems that could come from a feeling of isolation from society.

Below, we discuss some games for elderly people that can be done indoors and suit their interests. These games keep their minds engaged and foster learning and creativity.

indoor activities for seniors

How is creativity among the positive indoor activities for seniors?

An enjoyable way to spend time for elders is interacting with their creative side. Good indoor activities for seniors are drawing, painting, colouring, and sculpture are great ways of being creative. What does painting do? It helps elders express their emotions and thoughts. It helps in better eye-to-hand coordination. The painting activities that are ideal for elders are watercolour, acrylic, and oil painting.

Projects for elders that are fun and bring out their creativity include arranging family photo albums, creating scrapbooks, and the sort. Scrap booking is like going back in time for elders. They can enjoy documenting memories present in photographs. It also exercises the mind as elders can reminisce significant events in their lives.

Being creative has health benefits. Research reveals that creative indoor activities for seniors decrease bad emotions and boost positive ones in those with a chronic illness. They also lessen anxiety and stress and boost medical results.

Some more activities that foster Imagination and Creativeness

Seniors generally enjoy making mosaics from tiles, eggshells, flower pots, and other minute items. This activity sharpens imagination and creativeness.

Below are some more games for elderly adults that are good for their leisure time and have benefits.

The benefits of Bingo are social involvement and mental exercise.

Chess has been established for helping with problem-solving and improving strategic and logical thinking skills.

The tactical board game “scrabble” exercises memory and vocabulary.

Other board games that are suitable indoor activities for seniors are Trivial Pursuit and Senior Moments. They test the memory of elders. The elders also enjoy the knowledge they gain from Trivial Pursuit.

Watching movies and TV shows and listening to music

Being glued to the TV screen all day long every day in a week is not right for one’s health. However, enjoying a film or some TV shows can make a day or week enjoyable. A TV show may also further encourage a hobby of elders.

A case in point is an older adult who could like seeing a documentary on a subject he’s getting to know. Quite a few channels that include the Travel Channel could help them learn more about a travel destination they know.

Present-day elders belong to a generation that transformed music. Many of them are still sound enthusiasts, with specific tastes.

Listening to music that an older adult is fond of also makes an enjoyable and fulfilling activity.

Music has a healing side and can lessen anxiety, stress, and pain. Moreover, music supports healthy immune function and sound sleep.

How about exploring various hobbies

Hobbies are perfect for elders whose mobility is limited.

Several indoor activities for seniors are possible that don’t involve much moving around. Some of them are cooking, knitting, bird watching, baking, inside gardening, crochet, playing musical instruments, and learning languages.

Elders have enough time in their hands to learn something new. There could be interests or hobbies that they did not have a chance to explore earlier.

Learning also helps keep one’s mind active and prevents boredom.

indoor activities for seniors

Doing a lot of reading

Reading is also among the great indoor activities for seniors. It helps them spend time with fun and keeps their brain engaged.

It also helps with better memory, less stress, sound sleep, and slower cognitive decline. An adult may prefer magazines, physical books, using e-readers, or audiobooks. Whatever it is, they can engage themselves in an exciting story, check out photographs, or get to know a fascinating new topic.

Elders can also read and socialize by arranging a book club among their pals.

Seniors who are avid readers would love sharing their opinion regarding a book with other people. Book clubs support the efforts of elders to stay mentally alert, sharp, and abreast of the world. They also lend elders a broad social side.

Trying out Wii Sports

Most likely, an older adult can’t shoot baskets any longer. The progress of technology has initiated several ways of spending fun times without physical exertion. One of them is Wii interactive console games from Nintendo. The person playing the game moves his/her body and does not have to press buttons or use a joystick.

Games that sharpen the mind and enhance reasoning, and problem-solving skills

Some jigsaw puzzles are designed exclusively for seniors. These are larger than the usual ones, and elders have an easier time playing despite compromised eye dexterity. Assembling of jigsaw puzzles enhances problem-solving skills of elders.

Different crossword puzzles train the critical thinking skills of elders.

The logic game, Sudoku, promotes problem-solving skills. Specialized Sudoku sets that cater exclusively to elders are available. These sets sharpen their logical thinking and reasoning skills.

Enjoying moments with visitors

Elders who can’t venture out would love family members and pals visit them. They would like it more if the visitors come with their babies or friendly pets. The person who takes care of them should try and make visitors come over as often as they can.

It is hard to find a person who does not perk up when they are amidst young children. Playing with pets is also a guaranteed way to cheer elders and reduce their stress.


There is not a soul who does not experience loneliness at times. However, it is particularly hard for ageing people.  Young people often forget the difficulty that elders have in reaching out and doing things that they wish to. The fun activities discussed above are just some of the many possibilities for the leisure of elders. The person living with elders should ask them about their interests and establish the appropriate activity for them. He/she can also present them with options and allow them to choose the activity they prefer for their leisure time.


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