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The 10 Best Things About Games For Old People

Great Games for old People

Older people should maintain their physical fitness and strength. They should also exercise the mind for keeping it active. The reason is that the brain keeps people happy and good mental health is the key to living independently with age. The good news is that there are games for old people that are easy and enjoyable and exercise the mind.

Below, we will discuss ten tried and tested brain exercising games and activities for senior men that are also enjoyable.

Word puzzles for keeping the brain busy

Word puzzles keep the brain working and are also fun to do. Even if elders cannot solve all the parts of a puzzle, it’s okay. Trying to decipher the answer, interacting with others, and the effort made are deciding factors in brain health. There are several word puzzles online and word puzzle books. A good example is the connections game. The game stimulates the brain and helps it make connections.

The left column has two words. The player must find a word that’s associated with both these words. A case in point is the words Piano and Lock. The third word is “key.” A piano has keys, and keys are used to lock doors.

Enjoyable and interactive games online for elderly people

Several brain-boosting games are available online, and they boost memory and support mental health in elders. Even technologically challenged elders will have no problems in finding and playing them. They also have a multi-player mode.

Stimulate the mind with Jigsaw puzzles

games for old people

Many children will tell you that they started their brain training games with jigsaw puzzles. With age, people could forget the effectiveness of jigsaw puzzles in stimulating the mind. These games for old people have another plus point. They help older people relax by lessening blood pressure and initiating a steady breathing rate. Some even find jigsaw puzzles meditative.

The advantage of Sudoku

games for old people

Sudoku is among the fun things for older adults that exercise the brain. This logic game requires problem-solving and finding number patterns. This game helps develop skills that are of use in real life. They help elders evaluate the effects of decisions that they must take every day. Being a challenge, Sudoku brings about a feeling of accomplishment that people will not find easily in other activities.

Arts and crafts for keeping the mind busy and the hands lithe

games for old people

How do making things help elders? One is the use of imagination. Another is maintaining deft hands and fingers. Arts and crafts also suit elders as they are not necessarily elaborate or expensive. A good game is using paper collage for doing up old photo frames. Another is using magazines for making greeting cards for babies. There are many more such games for old people.

The game called Bingo

Bingo is an enjoyable and straightforward activity for both large and small groups. It’s a popular activity of elders living in care homes or attending day centres. One can play it easily at home. Playing bingo isn’t just enjoyable and stimulating. The game has quite a few health benefits for elders. A health benefit is stimulating the three key senses of hearing, touch, and sight. It’s also among the community activities for the elderly to reduce loneliness and to instil a feeling of well-being.

Logic puzzles that facilitate out-of-the-box thinking

Logic puzzles are an exciting activity designed to test a person’s ability to use the information provided to them and come up with a logical answer. Logic puzzles allow you to think outside the box, create new solutions, and can also help to solidify memories.

What makes logic puzzles one of the ideal games for old people? They facilitate lateral thinking and could induce dormant neural pathways since a person retired. Logic puzzle books are available online and in good book stores.

Elders can boost memory and attention by doing some tasks

Several games for old people target memory and attention. These are essential aspects that can diminish from lack of use.

A game is naming two objects for all letters in the first name of elders. They should try and increase the number of objects to five.

Another game is staying out the months in the year aloud in alphabetical order.

Another game is naming six or more things that elders wear on their feet that start with “s.”

Another game involves looking around and trying to get five things of red colour that fits in their pockets, and five objects of blue colour that won’t fit in two minutes.

Elders can boost their planning skills with chess

Though chess is a very old game, many are not aware that it helps in better brain health and supports mental well-being. Chess is a game of planning ahead, strategy, and thinking outside the box.

Elders may avoid chess as they feel that only a genius can play it. This belief is wrong. Playing it for some months can bring about a noticeable increase in one’s IQ. Elders can play the game online when they are alone and for sharpening their skills. A great plus point of this game for elders is that it helps increase focus.

Trivia games for stimulating the mind

Numerous trivia topics are there for playing a trivia game based on the individual or group that one is playing with. Some exciting topics are current affairs, history, and musicals. Keeping scores when playing in a group or teams will promote competitiveness and challenge. The participants can call out or write down questions based on their preferences. Prizes can be arranged for the winners.


There are many other games for elders that exercise the brain and are fun to play. There is the botanical identification game, the shopping list game, the serving tray game. The list is endless. They all keep the mind of elders active. They have been established to develop mental health that includes reasoning, memory, doing daily tasks, and information processing.

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