group games for seniors

After a certain age, elderly people tend to lose interest in everything and that affects their mental and physical life as well. So, they always need to stay active but obviously in a different manner. The group games for seniors help them to stay positive and happy and that is why they need to practice a few group games.

Here are a few group games for seniors

When it is about group games for seniors, they need to ensure that they choose some of the light-hearted and entertaining games as well.

Passing the ball

group games for seniors

As you know there are lots of games for senior citizens available but choosing the light game is important, which will also help them to stay active. One of those games is passing the ball. So, in this game, they will have to sit by forming around and then one will start the music. Once the music starts playing, one will pass the ball to the next one. And in that manner, it will go continue. But whenever the music will stop the person will be out of the game that will be holding the ball in the hand at that time. This is one of the fun games and it also helps to enhance the concentration as well.


The big group games for adults come with plenty of options. But when it comes to select only the best one, you cannot skip boggling. The point of this stimulating word game is to find as many words as possible within a sequence of adjacent letters. An individual who will justify the most words is the winner. Playing this sit-down game will surely keep your loved one’s brain sharp and stimulated, boost his or her thinking and memory skills, and stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Boggle is one of the exciting games, which needs the seniors to be creative and spontaneous.

Memory game

group games for seniors

Whether it is outdoor group games for adults or indoor game for seniors, memory game is one such common game, which has gained massive popularity amongst people. In fact, this also enhances the focus. In this game, one will tell an object’s name and then the next one will repeat the name and then say another new name. Then, there comes the third person who will have to repeat the previous two names and add a new one. In this way, the game will continue. But the catch is if someone misses even one product he or she will be out of the game.

Keep Away

In this game, one can use the large beach ball; your loved one can toss the ball over the head of the person who has been deemed “it.” The major goal of the game is to keep the ball away from the person who is “it,” and to avoid becoming “it.” For group games for seniors, this is one of the good things about this game is that seniors along with the actual visual impairment can also participate by only attaching bells to the large beach ball.

Card Games

While deciding on group games for seniors, you can simply arrange card games for them. If your loved one has limited mobility, he or she can just participate in card games. There are plenty of options available in card games such as hearts, bridges, spades and more. While sitting on a table, the elderly people can play card games freely. This is one of the oldest games and that also give a bunch of happiness too.

There are also some of the card game applications he or she can take the benefit of utilizing the computer or mobile device. The card games will offer the seniors along with the cognitive stimulation, stress relief, socialization, and other health benefits.

Dare games

If you talk about group games, how can you not play dare games? Well, in this specific game, one will give a fun dare to each other and they will have to do that. But whenever you are going to play this game, you will have to make sure that you give the dares, which are fun and interesting not that, which will affect them mentally and physically. For example, you can give dares like sing a song, recite something, or do mimicry of a person or crack 5 jokes in 5 minutes etc.

Identify the song

It is one of the very interesting and exciting musical games, which can be easily played while sitting. There are ample amount of players who need to guess the name of the song being played. The main idea is to guess as many songs as possible to earn points. An individual along with the maximum points at the end of the game is crowned as the winner. This specific game will surely boost your loved one’s energy levels and possibly spark past memories. Keeping the age and fitness in mind you will have to decide the game to play. Always remember that you play the game, which is light for the people.

In recent times, there are ample elderly people out there who live with dementia and these kinds of severe diseases. So, for them, choosing the right games and proper activities would help to relax and stay positive and happy as well. Even apart from just playing solo games or watching movies alone, the group games for seniors really work well. If the elderly people out there sit together and chitchat or play some of the fun games together, they can just get the amazing vibes and they would be happy too. It just needs proper guidance on what to play and what to do.

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