Easy Crafts for seniors with dementia

Dementia is a disease that affects memory, and it progresses with age. People with dementia can’t do simple things and can’t recognize individuals they knew. However, it’s at the end phases of this disease that people lose their own identity. Until then, they need something to feel complete. Making a finished product makes them feel worthwhile. Thus, the need for easy crafts for seniors with dementia.

Easy crafts for seniors with dementia

Below, we are going to discuss activities that are fun to do and will surely satisfy a person you know who is afflicted with dementia. All the crafts for adults with dementia listed below are easy to create and don’t need a professional. Some imagination and creativity are all that are required to turn simple household items into fun activities that are also safe.

Easy Crafts for seniors with dementia

Attachment of pipes and fittings is among the easy crafts for seniors with dementia

A great many seniors loved the handyman work that was their responsibility in their house earlier. Any activity that is somewhat similar to what they enjoyed doing earlier can be perfect for their confidence and self-esteem. This is the reason that any activity that could trigger a memory in dementia patients is ideal for them.

This is among the easy crafts for seniors with dementia, as there is no need to put in much effort. What are the things needed for this activity? They are low-cost PVC piping of varying lengths and a few fittings. They are going to cost very little. The fittings or accessories include a few elbows and some T-joints. These are available at any hardware store. The people at the store will cut them down if you request them to.

The clipping of colourful clothe spins and arranging of flowers

Provide the person with dementia anything that he or she will be able to clip clothe spins to. It can be a basket, a wire clothes hanger, or any other thing. It should be safe. Give him or her some clothe spin of a variety of colours. Both mini and full-size ones will do. Look on as the person enjoys all the pleasing colours.

Arrangement of flowers is among the good crafts for older adults with dementia. It is especially useful for people who were fond of making flower gardens earlier.  It would be good to turn the clock to their past by encouraging them to make some beautiful arrangements. This activity does not require much. What are the things needed? A plastic vase, florist foam, and artificial flowers. All of these are easy to get and does not cost much.

Having a playtime with DIY play dough and sorting of coins or low-cost hardware parts

Experimenting with modelling clay and play dough suits people of all age groups. This activity helps them enjoy and relax.

Gather some play dough and cookie cutters and look on in amazement as the elders with dementia have a gala time.

You can try out a DIY play dough recipe that is very easy. You can make the playtime more relaxing for the elders by adding some calming lavender essential oil to this recipe. How was that for arts and crafts for seniors with dementia?

Though this DIY play dough recipe is non-toxic, you should take precautions that it is not put into the mouth. Bacteria may be present and can make people feel sick.

Coins and low-cost hardware parts like these washers and nuts for easy crafts for seniors with dementia? Yes, you heard it right.  Hand the older adults low-cost hardware parts that include bolts and nuts. Next, request them to sort them on your behalf. Older adults may find sorting numerous coins interesting. It may remind them of the time they were in charge of household finances.

We discuss some more easy crafts for seniors with dementia for entertainment below.

Getting the elders to create a scrapbook and sort and match picture cards

Gather a notebook, some magazines, newspapers, catalogues, scissors, and a glue stick. Make sure that you get a safety scissor. Hand them over to the elders. Please encourage them to check the catalogues, magazines, and newspapers and cut the pictures they find interesting and glue them in the scrapbook.

Gather a couple of copies of quite a few images or snaps that the elders you know like. You can gather photos of flowers, animals that they like, or their family members. Make cards of the same size from the pictures and laminate them with clear packing tape. Encourage the elders to match or sort them. They can also flip through the photos to have fun.

How about a spelling tray and stacking party cups for fun?

Do you know that a metal baking sheet is great for sticking multi-coloured magnetic letters? It looks good. It is also an enjoyable way of spelling familiar words. See the fun terms that the elders can come up with together. You can also provide magnets of various shapes and colours for the elders to match them.

Gather some low-cost plastic party cups that have bright colours. Fancy paper cups are also a good choice. Request the elders lend you a hand in cleaning up by stacking or sorting them.


You can think up many more easy crafts for seniors with dementia that entertain them. Activities that are fun, satisfying, and encourage self-esteem are important for dementia patients. However, care is to be taken that the activities don’t harm them. It’s essential to consider the habits of a person with dementia before creating a fun activity for him/her. A person may have a tendency to put things in their mouth. It would be safe not to use things that can lead to choking for him/her.

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