What do old people do for fun

Does an older adult who is close to you have dementia or Alzheimer’s? If yes, watching him/her live with anxiety, agitation, or anger hurts. Sensory therapy has proved effective in calming and soothing. There is no need for medication. Sensory therapy is established as effective in lessening anxiety, soothing nerves, and bringing comfort. Sensory therapy is the answer to what do old people do for fun.

We discuss some simple, enjoyable, and low-priced sensory activities that the older adult you love will like. These sensory activities for seniors address all the five senses of human beings.

What do old people do for fun

What can old people do for fun?

Sensory activities for elders who like visual pleasure

If the agitated resident who is dear to you likes visual stimulation, hand him/her acrylic tubes that have colourful water. The person can flip the tubes and watch the colourful liquid fall and feel calm. You can also buy transparent sensory tubes and add water and tiny colourful objects that include glitter and beads. Such tubes make an excellent substitute for mason jars as they’re made from plastic that is safe for elders.

Is the person more active and is fond of moving? If yes, you can secure a multicoloured wrist ribbon around their wrist. The ribbons will sway as their arms go up and down. Such ribbons have another use. What is that? They are useful in group activities.

What do old people do for fun

An example is leading people on a walk. A colour therapy DVD is among the sensory activities for the elderly who have lesser mobility. The elders are going to relish the constantly changing colours and forms on the screen.

Another excellent idea for fun activities for senior citizens home is a regular light show that the residents will look forward to. Hosting the event during the afternoon will calm the sundowners living in the facility. Light up wand is excellent for quick engagement. Other options include a kaleidoscopic light show or light show speaker. They have the same effect.

Some Smell ideas for what do old people do for fun

Aromatherapy activities are suitable for elders also. A case in point is the use of a steam diffuser using essential oils that discharge calming fragrances in the air. A couple of examples are peppermint and lavender. How about using a bread machine for producing the aroma that is typical of homemade bread sans the hard work.

And if there are elders who are good at using putty or clay hand them scented putty. The added advantage is more nimble hands. The use of familiar scents like apple, cherry, and banana will heighten the effect.

Touch help elders feel good and enjoy

It’s good to keep various spritzers, hand lotions, and sanitizing wipes at hand. They fuel spontaneous hand-massaging activities. Rejuvenating foot baths is another answer to what do old people do for fun. The use of fizzy bath tablets that dissolve in water makes for very rejuvenating foot baths

What do old people do for fun if they fidget too much? The answer is handing them finger fidgets and sensory balls for engaging in. These are textured balls that are available in lively colours and various forms and sizes. They produce a tactile feeling. They also support fine-motor skills. What is the use of the finger fidgets? They relax nerves, and fuel neural responses to increase the blood circulation to one’s brain and extremities. They help lessen stress and alleviate dementia, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, self-regulation, Autism, ADD/ADHD, amongst others.

Are there wheelchair elders who require help with tactile stimulation and soothing? Hand them an apron, activity pillow, or pad. You will get them in various textures, fabrics, materials, and other more. They encourage repetitive movement and concentration.

Another object for soothing and tactile stimulation is sensory gel pads or soothing mats. These usually have beads, glitter, and other items inside for keeping elders suffering from anxiety or confusion attentive. Many can be filled with lukewarm water for soothing the fingers and hands.

Hearing sensory activities for elders to enjoy

There are several auditory ideas for what do old people do for fun. Playing CDs of favourite musicians of elders will keep them calm during the day. For relaxing the elders even further, play a restful piano music piece or calming sounds of nature.

Another good idea is using a pellet ball in a ball-rolling activity. Residents will hear the pellets moving in the ball. By adding water to the ball, the elders get to listen to the soft sound of moving water. Bell balls offer a different sort of auditory motivation that is more effective during the holidays.

Another great idea? It’s hosting an activity for elders with sound boxes. The elders must tell the material that’s causing the sound for each box. After guessing, they can then see through the box’s clear base to check if they were right. This activity develops concentration, matching, and perception skills.

It is possible to entertain elders with taste sensory activities

There can be nothing more pleasing to elders than an afternoon treat. A good taste activity for what do old people do for fun would be offering sugar-free chocolates or mints. A regular afternoon sweet treat would be great. A toaster oven will bake pre-made cookies that are available in stores or brownies fast for the elders to enjoy.

A vast number of sensory products for all the five senses is available.

Conclusion of what do old people do for fun

There are several online resources for older adult activity ideas and products that make their life more fulfilling. They’re relentless in their pursuit of meaningful and pleasing activity products and ideas for amateurs and professionals to help elders enjoy. Everyone knows that bingo is an excellent activity for elders to enjoy and benefit from. However, there is much more. They all contribute to a better living experience of elders and improve their quality of life.

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